Python Programming

Ten examples of pythonic code style that will make your life easier as a python programmer

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Pythonic code style is saved my time and make my profession as machine learning engineer and web developer easier to live. Before I knew how to write pythonic code, my code is mess and more like Java-style than python itself. I still can't move on from Java-style code, java really…

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Framework

PyTorch Lightning will automate your neural network training while staying your code simple, clean, and flexible. If you’re a researcher you will love this!

Image Created By Author, Source of Background and Logo from PyTorch and PyTorch Lightning Official Site

PyTorch Lightning is the lightweight PyTorch wrapper for ML researchers. it helps you to scale your models and write less boilerplate while maintaining your code clean and flexible to scale up. Its help researchers more to focus to solve the problem than writing engineering code.

I’ve been using PyTorch since…

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Frameworks

PyTorch, the most usage deep learning frameworks in research and soon it will catch up in production without you notice it

Image edited by Author for the icon taken from the official site of PyTorch and Keras

The war between Deep Learning Frameworks is still on fire, which one that will gain more masses, it will be the next game-changer for the deep learning community in future. …

Writing Tips

If you are new to writing, probably you will face this problem

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The feeling of fear by the judgment of others always succeed to make people stop to write. The fear is freezing the brain and make it stop to work. If you feel this then you are not alone, most people have this problem including me when they start to write.

The ego of the college lecturer is the unseen wall that makes student loss their comfort and motivation to learn

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Being a student at the university has been the world standard for people to get a job in a competitive world today. But, there is an unseen wall (psychological wall) from things around the education system today that can stop, or even kill student motivation to learn. …

The flow and the balance of two opposite thing

Life with its complicated situation and condition, with all the good thing and the bad thing that happen inside of it, is a university, I call it university of life. Yes, it is a university for our mind, heart and body to learn. It provides you with two sides of…

Self Improvement, Personality and Psychology

The five-factor model that has been proven by the research scientist in psychology to be the most accurate way to test your personality

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The first time I know about the big five personality trait as psychometric was from Jordan Petterson youtube video on the internet. Before I knew about The Big Five, I was testing my personality trait on that based on Carl Jung theory about personality, and I satisfied with the…

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